Flex Program

Brief Description

The “School Flex Program” is a program in which a student within the grades 11th through 12th can pursue their timely graduation from High School. Students who are on the Flex Program must only attend a minimum of two hours per school day. Students on the program must have a current job, and be working the minimum of twenty hours a week, and must send picture evidence of their pay stubs. Students who do not have a job and volunteers, or works for someone else, must fill out a timesheet form. Students who are off work their school day, may still leave the school premises and go home.


Students enrolled within the program are considered full time students. Students enrolled are also expected to comply with the Potosi Flex Program and Classroom Guidelines.

Student Flex Program Checklist

Application filled out and approved (check with Ashley Matthews)

Turn in Auxiliary Agreement

Turn in a picture of your paycheck stub (Turn in after each pay period)

Sign out in the Office when you leave and back in when & if you come back

Maintain a 95% Attendance (2 absences)

Download Remind App for communication with Flex Program Coordinator – Mrs. Matthews