Maintain a ninety-five [95%] attendance rate

  1. To be considered an excused absence, documentation must be provided at the time the student returns to class.
  2. The absence must be documented as having taken place during class time rendering the student unable to attend at any time during the day.

Designated instructional class time

  1. The student is required to attend a minimum of two [2] hours of instruction every day school is in session.
  2. I have a re-evaluation conference with the Flex instructor/facilitator and/or PHS Administrator.
  3. When a student can no longer attain the 95% required attendance rate, the student will be transitioned out of the Flex Program.
  4. All cases of long-term absences (more than three or more days) are handled through the administrative offices of Potosi High School and on a case-by-case basis.