1. For students to receive credit, proof of hours worked must be submitted and kept on file with the Flex facilitator.
  2. In order to sustain full-time status, students are required to maintain “Minimum Employment” and submit their hours each pay period.
    • “Minimum Employment” is defined as submitting an average of 20 work hours per week throughout the course of their enrollment in Flex Program.
    • If a student fails to maintain employment, they are required to report to the facilitator
      • During that time students will:
        • Refine their career portfolio
        • Complete job applications
        • Call prospective employers and follow up on outstanding applications
        • Seek unpaid internships and/or volunteer opportunities
        • Job shadow prospective employers
        • Failure to meet and/or maintain a “minimum employment” statues will result in the student being transitioned out of the Flex Program.
  1. Students have several options for accumulating hours.
    • Option 1: employment in Potosi and/or surrounding communities
      • Proof of hours worked (check stubs) are to be reported in a timely fashion.
      • Students who enter the program mid-semester are eligible to turn in all hours worked during the course of the current term.
    • Option 2: Student Internship Program
      • Students in Flex are eligible to apply for an unpaid internship with Potosi School District, local employer, or an agency.
      • If accepted, they will be placed under the supervision of a designated employee who will oversee their internship and assign their job description.
    • Option 3: Volunteer/Community Service with an Official Agency
      • Potosi partners with agencies and organizations in Potosi and surrounding communities. Students may seek help from FLEX facilitator in connecting with different community groups.
      • Students choosing to use this option will need to utilize the Internship Work Form [comprised of daily hours with accumulated monthly totals] and submit to the Flex facilitator.
      • Hours will be monitored on the same schedule as Academics.