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March 15 

Art Scholarship

application, must submit a Portfolio of work (Google Slide Presentation) with at least 4 pictures of artwork in a professional layout with the following criteria:

  • Title
  • Medium
  • Year Made

 March 15

Beta-Sigma-Phi application, letter of recommendation
March 15

Chester H. Evelyn (Carr) Baker

March 15 FIRST STATE COMMUNITY BANK application, essay, must show financial need, must show citizenship and be well rounded
 March 15  FHCC application, must have a major related to the HEALTH field, must be a club member, have class rank in top 25%

March 15


March 15

Fryman Memorial Scholarship





application, list of accomplishments, DO NOT need to play GOLF to apply

March 15 

Future Teachers of America must be a member of FTA
 April 5 The Garry L West Art Scholarship 2024 application, essay, two examples of art work
 March 15 Help Club application, essay, proof of enrollment
March 15 Impactlife Saving Scholarship

Be accepted to a college or technical school
Complete the application and essay.
Attend their entire senior year at PHS


March 15

April 5 

Jack Juliette Military Excellence Award

JERRY WEST Scholarship 2024

see Mr. Bouse – you must be enlisting in the military 

application, essay, must be going to a vocational/technical school

 March 15 Mae-Burford-Memorial-Nursing-Scholarship application, must be a NURSING student
 March 15 Marvin Boyer Memorial Scholarship application, two letters of recommendation, essay, must plan to attend a UM university, have class rank in top 15%
 March 15 Natalee Rawe  minimum 2.5 G.P.A.
 March 15 Pam-Britton-Memorial-Scholarship application, must have a major related to the HEALTH field, need at least a 2.5 GPA
March 15 Potosi Baseball Association  

March 15 

Potosi-Elks-Lodge-Scholarship (1) application

March 15 

Potosi High School Alumni Association Scholarship Application application
March 15 Potosi-Choral-Boosters-Scholarship application, must be majoring in MUSIC or music education (VOCAL, STUDENTS ONLY)
March 15 Potosi-R-3-Community-Teachers-Association application, must be an EDUCATION major, recommendation letter, must show financial need, have at least a 2.5 GPA

March 15

March 15

Gene & Shirly Goodson Memorial Scholarship
(Formally Potosi Rotary Scholarship)



application, essays, must show financial need, must show citizenship and be well rounded


application and essays

 March 15 Redeemer Lutheran Church application

 March 15


March 15

Science and Environmental Club


Student Ambassador Scholarship Application

application, essays, academic requirements, must have class rank in the top 25%, must be a club member

only for current active members only for current and
active members, and applicants must have been an Ambassador for at least two years during their time at P.H.S.

March 15

Unavailable this school year

Twin Eagle Lake/JV Construction Scholarship

 Washington County Chamber of Commerce-Academic

technical degree

application, must plan on attending a university/college, 2.5 GPA, show extracurricular activities

Unavailable this school year  Washington County Chamber of Commerce-Career and Technical  application, 2.5 GPA, show extracurricular activities, attending a vocational/technical school

March 15 

Weber-Richards application, must an EDUCATION major

February 1


May 1


May 1


William Cooper by FSCB



Masonic Lodge Scholarship

 business related field


FFA & 4-H Members