Bonnie Wilson: 



She is one of our PHS main office secretaries. She began working here in the summer of 1989  as the attendance secretary. This year Bonnie’s main duties involve getting the substitutes for teachers ,recording/mailing/filling discipline referrals and being secretary to the A+ Co-coordinator. Bonnie greatly enjoys interacting with the students on a daily basis.  Bonnie and her family moved to Potosi in 1986 when her  husband, Carl, was called to be a minister here. They’ve been married for 42 years. They moved here from  Carbondale, Illinois, with their five children who have various professions- one is an operator of a 2400 sow farrowing farm, another is a youth minister, another one is a principal/superintendent, another one is a  cataloger in a large library and the youngest is a chiropractor, Carl and Bonnie have eight grandchildren two boys and six girls and another one is due in October! 

Stacy Coleman: 



Lindsey Jarvis:



Lindsey graduated from PHS in 2006. This year is her third year at PHS to be a secretary. She is married to Jason Jarvis. They have four wonderful children. She has two boys and two girls. Lindsey enjoys her job. She likes the staff that she works with and to interact with the children here at PHS.  

Lindsey Thebeau:



Lindsey Thebeau graduated from Potosi High School in 2001, she married Jason Thebeau and has 3 children. Lindsey has previously worked as a Bank Compliance Officer for 10 years!