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  • I graduated from Potosi High School. I went to Missouri Southern State University. I am the head coach for cross country and track.

Tutoring: ( Please schedule an appointment ) 

  •  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:15 am- 7:50 am. Must schedule an appointment. 

Email: apolitte@potosir3.org


Advanced Geometry    Advanced geometry is a unique kind of math designed to help students learn logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills. It is designed to prepare students for upper level math classes from college Algebra to Calculus. Students will create a portfolio of basic geometric figures drawn using the standard tools of geometric ´constructions.´ Students will use deductive reasoning to create a variety of geometric proofs including informal, formal, paragraph and indirect proofs.
Algebra 2     Algebra 2 extends the topics first seen Algebra 1 and provides advanced skills in algebraic operations. This course is a continued study of algebraic concepts including equations ( linear, absolute value, and quadratic ), inequalities, relations, functions, matrices, radicals, imaginary, and complex numbers, polynomial functions, and radical expressions. Students will also be introduced to a study of exponential and logarithmic functions and elements of trigonometry.
Advanced Algebra 2     Advanced algebra 2 goes more in depth than algebra 2. The topics include linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials, radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, exponential, logarithmic expressions, sequences, series, probability and trigonometry. Students will be able to calculate equations of two or three variables.

Email:  apolittle@potosir3.org