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Basics Of Singing

Basics of Singing is designed for students who enjoy singing in their earlier grades. Unison music is sung, and ranges from pop to light classical. The class will also cover basic music information, including, but not limited to, notes, rests, and other terminology. Students will use boom whackers, sing karaoke, and complete rhythm and vocal activities. This group will not be required to participate in any performances. 

Treble Singers

Treble Singers is an audition choir that is designed to meet the needs of vocal students who are interested in singing. SSA music is performed and ranged from pop to light classical, as well as religious and patriotic music. The students, who join Treble Singers are offered a “club-like” experience. The students are also required to learn about general music information.

Treble Singers is a beginning choral group. It is designed to meet the needs of students with minimal musical background who show and interest in music and performance. The emphasis will be placed on basic vocal and choral techniques and an understanding of balance, blend, tone production, and interpretation.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is a choral class for the serious high school vocal student. Auditions for this group will be during the previous year. Literature ranges from classical, sacred, and current music. The students are also required to sight read and perform any educational task set forth by the teacher.

Concert Choir is an advanced choral group designed to meet the needs of those students with a musical background who wish to continue their musical background and to continue their musical involvement through a performance group. Emphasis will be placed on bringing the music to a polished state through an understanding of balance, blend, tone, production, and interpretation.

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation is a course designed to meet the needs of students who have little or no musical background. It is open to students in the ninth grade through twelfth grades as an option for fine art graduation requirements. This group will not be required to participate in any performances. Students will study music history throughout all music genres. They will work through google classroom and in-class style learning.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is for the performer and non-performer.  The students in this course will learn about musicals as well as help in the production of the upcoming musical by working on the set, painting, building props, etc.  Students do not have to be in the musical to be a part of the course.  Students will be expected to participate in class projects that include class performances and group work.  This course is interactive and fun!