Mr. Urich studied at the University of Central Missouri. He has been teaching for 17 total years and has been been teaching at Potosi High School for 12 years.

Tutoring time:  by appointment only


Cadet Teaching

    The cadet teaching program is a senior level course designed as an intervention program for at-risk children. Cadet teachers will be a valuable asset in the classroom and play a vital role in the personal growth and development of the students they work with. The cadet teachers will gain valuable skills in communication, educational process, and student mentoring. This course will count for 1/2 credit of elective or practical art and allow for 25 of the 50 required A+ tutoring hours. Students must have a C in the course to earn hours. This class can only be taken one period each semester.

Personal Finance

   Personal Finance is a required class for all juniors.  Understanding and managing personal finances are key to one’s future financial success.  The one-semester course presents essential knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about real world financial issues.  Students will learn how choices influence occupational options and future earning potential. They will also learn to apply decision-making skills to evaluate career choices and set personal goals.  The course content is designed to help the learner make wise spending, saving, and credit decisions and to make effective use of income to achieve personal financial success.

Intro to Business

This course is designed as an introductory class to learn general business concepts that are relevant to the future workforce and business leaders. We will be using the textbook as well as customized project. These projects are designed to teach the most relevant topics in areas of finance, marketing, operations, and management.  Will count as 3 credit hours at MAC if fill out dual credit paperwork.

Business Management

Introduces and develops skills necessary for effective leadership. Topics include key traits of strong leaders, motivation of others, coaching skills, negotiation, conflict resolution, team management, diversity, and change management. Introduces the fundamentals of small business startup and growth. Topics include development of business concept, strategic planning, marketing, financing, and an overview of international business. Examines important principles for businesses of any size.