MR. Reese

Tutoring Hours: 

  • 7:00 A.M. -7:45 A.M.
  • Monday- Friday 
  • Subject- Science


Technology & Robotics

Recommended Prerequisite: 3 Science classes

This class is based on the VEX platform robotics system. Students are expected to construct competition robots and develop a understanding of robotics programming.

Biology II-

Recommended Prerequisite: 1 Unit of Biology

Grade Level: 11-12

         Advanced Biology is designed for college-bound students who are interested in potentially pursuing a career in the sciences or health services. This year-long course can be taken for dual enrollment through Mineral Area College, where it will be equivalent to a five-hour science course with a lab. 

 Physical Science-

Grade Level: 11-12

         Students are expected to have a limited background in subjects mentioned and have a basic understanding of mathematics. The educational experience is aimed more toward a practical understanding and less toward academic advancement.