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American Heritage –

American Heritage is the most rigorous survey course in U.S. History for PHS students. Students will study the growth of America’s culture, political, and economic growth, focusing on the values and traditions that have created a unique American heritage.The most basic premise of American democracy is that people will be able to make good decisions about the future of the country. In order to make these good decisions , the people must have a knowledge of the past successes and failures of the United States of America. By studying this history, students will begin the process of being able to make good decisions about the future of the United States of American.

Sociology –

This course will give students a further introduction to the subject of sociology. Students will discuss and learn about how individuals and groups interact with different parts of society and cultures throughout the world.

Sociology is an important part of today’s social studies curriculum. It helps to prepare the student to function in a world in which they will be in continuous contact with others. It allows them to see and understand the great diversity of groups and individuals in our society and our world. It prepares them to work side by side with people that are from various backgrounds and perspectives with understanding.

Psychology –

Psychology is a one semester social studies elective. this course will focus on the fundamental aspects of human behavior. This course will help students actively learn through methods of discussion and power point presentations. All students will be given a chance to look at the basics of psychology as they apply to work, education, human relations, community, civic programs, and social environmental interests.

People are unique in this world because of their ability to think and reason. These abilities are available to humans because of the unique structure of their brains. Through the study of psychology, students can discover the reasons that make them unique. Also, with this study, students can better understand why they have the ability to do certain tasks, but struggle through other tasks. 

Western Civilization 1 & 2 –

This is a class for juniors and seniors that may be taken for English, Social Studies, or Fine Arts credit. Each semester may be taken independently of the other. This course surveys the history, literature, music and art of various western cultures.

It is necessary for all people to see how they fit into the continuum of time and how the history and culture of mankind have influenced the culture of today. Western Civilization is a  course that offers students enrichment in history, literature, music, and art. Students who are exposed to study of the experience of mankind benefit for the knowledge of the past, the beauty and importance of the written word, and the aesthetics and cultural influence of art and music.