Mr. Hale is from Dexter, MO, but currently lives in Farmington, MO.  He got his Bachelors and Masters from Southeast Missouri State University. He has taught science and math for 14 years, coached basketball for 14 years, and volleyball for 2 years. 

Contact Info: bhale@potosir3.org

Tutoring Times: 7:00am-7:45am, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- Any Math or Chemistry


Algebra III – This course is a continued study of algebraic concepts and their applications.  Students will review and practice the use of various types of functions and algebraic expressions, including linear, quadratic, absolute value, exponential and logarithmic. There will be a strong emphasis on application through projects completed by the student individually and/or in groups.

College Algebra- Covers the concepts and techniques of algebra, including the following topics: properties and graphs of linear equations and functions: the algebra of functions; exponential and logarithmic functions; and solving systems of equations.  This course offers students the chance to earn college credit or to strengthen skills before taking the course in college. College Algebra is a prerequisite for Trigonometry and Calculus. College credit (3 hours) is available through Mineral Area College for students who meet test score and grade criteria, pay the required tuition, and successfully complete the semester course. No additional work is required for college credit.

Trigonometry- Consists of the study of the trigonometric functions of right triangles and oblique triangles, radian measures and circular functions, graphing trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and equations, and applications for trigonometry.  Trigonometry is prerequisite for Calculus.  College credit (3 hours) is available through MAC for students who meet the requirements for the full-year course. No additional work added.

Calculus- This course covers basic concepts and techniques of calculus, including the following topics: limits, continuity, derivative and differentials with functions and curve sketching and definite and indefinite integrals, involving algebraic and transcendental functions. College credit (3 hours) with same requirements for a full-year course with no additional work added.