Teacher Time Days Subjects
Mr. Anderson 7:00am-7:30am T&W English & Social   Studies
Mrs. Arnold 7:20am-7:45amAfter School M-FBy Appointment All Subjects
Mr. Bradley 7:15am-7:45amAfter School by appointment M-F English Comp.
Mrs. Burke 7:15am-7:45am3:15pm-3:45pm

Other times by appt.

M-FM-Th Math
Mrs. Campbell 7:00am-7:45am3:10pm-4:10pm M-FM, W, & Th Math
Mrs. Carr 7:15am-7:45amAfter School M-FBy Appointment Math
Mr. Casey By Appointment during   Football M-F All Subjects
Mrs. Cordia 3:15pm-4:15pmBy Appointment M-Th English
Mr. Cox 3:10pm-5;00PMBy Appointment M-F All Subjects
Mrs. L. Dickinson 7:15am-7:45am3:15pm-3:45pm M,T,Th & FM-Th Alg. I, Alg, II.ACT Prep
Mr. DiFiori 3:15pm-4:30pm M&W English
Mrs. Edgar 7:00am-7:45am3:15pm-4:15pm M-F Business & Open   Computer Lab
Mrs. Finley By Appointment By Appointment Any Subject
Mrs. Forciniti 3:15pm-? M-Th Spanish I andSpanish II
Mr. Fulton 3:10pm-4:10 T & Th Drafting, Technology, &   Gen. Shop
Mrs. Fulton 7:30am-7:45am 3:10pm-4:10pm M-F and By Apprt. Science
Mrs. Gray By Appointment By Appointment Any
Mr. Gross 7:10am-7:45am T-Th Science & Agriculturee
Mrs. Haar 7:00am-7:45amAfter School M-FBy Apointment Science
Mr. Jarvis By AppointmentAfter Football 3:00pm-3:30pm Am. History &World History
Mrs. Kay 7:30am-7:45am3:15pm-3:45pm M-Th or By Appt. English & ACT Prep.
Mr. Kester 7:15am-7:45am W&Th Am. Heritage, Psychology  Sociology, Western Civ.
Mr. Leeds By Appointment after   Football Season M-F History
Mrs. Lewis 3:10pmà By Appointment Any
Mrs. Lively 7:30am3:15pm

By Appointment

T&WT&W Comp. I & Woman’s Lit.
Mr. McMahan 7:00am-7:45am3:10pm-4:10pm M, W, & Th All Math
Mr. Mapes 7:00am-7:45am M-F Comm. Arts
Mrs. Mercille 7:30am-7:45am3:10pm-?




By Appointment

Any but no math above Alg I
Mrs. Middleton By Appointment M-Th Math
Mr. Mims In season, after practice   w/athletes M-F Any
Mr. Mueller 7:15am-7:45am3:15pm-4:00pm

Or by Appointment

M,T,Th & FT &Th (after football   season) All Subjects
Mr. Neel By Appointment By Appointment Math
Ms. Perry 7:20am-7:45am T,W,&Th Art History &   Humanities
Mrs. Portell 3:10pm-?After School by Appt. T&Th All Subjects
Mr. Reese 6:30am-7:45am during band   season7:00am-7:45 the rest of the   year


M-F Science
Mrs. Richards By Appointment By Appointment Math
Mrs. Schlosser By Appointment By Appointment ACT & Any Subject
Mrs. Segura By Appt./Sign up in Class Th Speech I & Theatre
Mr. Singer 1st Semester3:10pm-4:10pm

2nd Semester







Any Subject
Mrs. Sitton 3:10pm-3:45pm M,T,Th Physical Science
Mrs. Smith 3:10pm-? M-Th English
Mr. Urich 7:15am-7:45 am M-F All Subjects
Mrs. Wade 3:10pm-4:10pm W&Th English