Mrs. Cordia


 3:00 pm-4:00 pm- Monday- Thursday (ELA)


Composition I:

This required course, designed for all freshmen, focuses on advanced sentence writing techniques and a usage and mechanics review.  Introductions to the various literary genres and forms of composition are also stressed.

Mass Media:

 This is a semester elective for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  This course is a hands-on class using the application of graphic arts with making the Yearbook.  Students will be required to meet deadlines, go to various functions,  photograph activities, design layouts, and write copy and various correspondences. Keyboarding skills will be helpful.

Great Books/Media Studies: 

Great books and film is a new approach to the classics that offers an innovative approach for the introduction of high school students to great literature. The curriculum selections from the works of many great writers and contemporary American films. The films provide concrete and accessible contemporary examples of the problems and issues students encounter in the readings. Comparing books and films in this manner, students will become more careful and thoughtful readers and moviegoers. The curriculum intends to help prepare students for a liberal arts education.