• Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Biology 2

Email: timothy.chavosky@potosir3.org

 Tutoring: everyday from 7:00 A.M. to 7:45 A.M. for Biology, Biology II, and Physical Science.

Physical Science is an introductory laboratory course to the study of chemistry and physics. It includes topical studies in motion, electricity, sound, and heat. Chemistry is the study of the properties, classes, and structure of matter and its changes. It includes such topics as the periodic table of elements, atomic structure, molecules, solutions, and chemical reactions.

Biology is a full year course in which a variety of instructional approaches will be used in order to provide students with opportunities for gaining factual knowledge and applying skills. Content will focus on information and skills need for the biology end-of-course exam.

This class is laboratory based. Students will dig deeper into larger-scale biological concepts, such as evolutionary thought, speciation and macroevolution, taxonomy, bacteria, plants, and animals.