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Child Development:

A semester course that prepares individuals to understand infant’s and toddler’s physical, mental, emotional, and social growth, as well as their care and guidance. Readiness for parenting and pregnancy are also studied. The course draws on aspects of the social and biological sciences of which Family and Consumer Sciences are also studied. The course will teach the student important processes to help develop children to their utmost potential and development.                          


A semester class involving the study and readiness for parenting, developmental needs of preschool children, and meeting special concerns as child abuse and neglect, moral development, needs of exceptional children, as well as providing adequate substitute care. The student will also plan and teach a lesson to preschool children.

Foods 1:

A one semester class that prepares individuals to understand the principles of nutrition, the relationship of nutrition to health and well-being, the selection, preparation and care of selected foods, meal management to meet individual needs and patterns of living. Group cooperation is required. It is designed for those who need to prepare family meals as well as those who wish to pursue an occupation in food service.

Foods 2:

A semester course that emphasizes the preparation of fruits, vegetables, salads, protein foods, pastry, candy, and ethnic, regional and foreign foods. The nutritional value. storage, selection and preparation of these foods will be stressed. Group cooperation is required.  

Fashions 1: 

A semester course that prepares student to understand the use if clothing and textile production; the selection, construction and maintenance of clothing and textile products.

Fashions 2: 

A semester course that designs and constructs clothing and apparel including: jewelry, and macramé.     

FACS 1: 

An Instructional program that generally prepares youth and adults for family life , emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge and the development of attitudes, standards, values, and skills relevant to individual and family life and nurturing. Ir prepares individuals for balancing work and family roles and enhancing employ-ability skills. 

FACS 2/Design:

This is a 1 semester class that educates students about design elements in various areas of Design. Areas include House design, interior and exterior. Color and color plans. Design in needlework and jewelry. There is a $10.00 lab fee to cover project expenses. Students will complete embroidery pillows and jute friendship bracelets.
Tutoring time:

By Appointment Only

English and Math